So  I had a bad day yesterday when my Mac crashed and I didn’t have a Mac bootable disk/USB.

Create Mac Bootable Usb from Windows

It took me hours to search and find a full proof solution to “Create Mac Bootable Usb from Windows”

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All references were to create bootable disk from Mac system but none from Windows machine.

But now you are at right place

What You need

  1. Mac Dmg file : Say snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg (For Snow Leopard 10.6)
  2. Transmac  software.
  3. A bigger USB Flash drive (say 8 GB)
  4. A computer (running in windows)

Steps to do

  1. Download  Mac  Transmac  file keep it in hard disk on your Windows
  2. Download  Transmac for Windows (2-week trial) can format USB drives for mac and restore .dmg files to USB drives. Download Transmac and install in Windows
  • In the right-side panel of Transmac, right click on your USB Drive >> Format Disk >> Format with Disk Image.
  • Point to your .dmg file and click Open.

This will take some time, For snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg which is 6.2 GB it takes around 20 Mins to make a bootable USB

Now, Insert the bootable USB in Mac and restart it with Alt (Option) key pressed, You should see The External  bootable USB while start up, Select it and then follow steps to install Mac from scratch.

Note : You might get sectors error, Its better to clean the hard drive while installing the mac again. Clean the Hard drive so you don’t get any error…

Updates : If you could update your MAC with 10.6 OS X and though the installation was clean, the system got stuck on start up screen. It kept saying that I need to shut down and restart MAC.

Restart MAC in safe mode, it would work ( Updates from user)

Happy Installing. Please provide feedback or ask questions if you have any doubt. Will be Happy to help.