xiaomi_mi-a1Tuesday Afternoon (5/9/2017), Xiaomi was officially Announced the presence of the latest smartphone as well as its first Android One phone, Xiaomi Mi A1. What kind of specs, and how much price? Find out the information below.

Due to running the Android One operating system, Xiaomi Mi A1 does not have MiUI interface likes Xiaomi phones in general, however Google’s Android special interface design. Xiaomi Global’s Director of Product Management, Donovan Sung, underscored the advantages of the Mi A1 while speaking at the launch of the mobile phone in New Delhi, India.

“The three things on the Xiaomi Mi A1 are the screen, dual camera, and full metal body,” Sung said in the presence of 70 journalists from 10 countries and 130 members of the Xiaomi fan community in India. Mi A1 metal frame contains a 5.5-inch screen with full-HD resolution. Xiaomi Mi A1 is available in three color choices, namely gold, rose gold, and black. Most importantly, Xiaomi Mi A1 has a dual camera (dual camera) on the back.

Both Xiaomi Mi A1 cameras

Both Xiaomi Mi A1 cameras have a 12 megapixel resolution camera, a similar configuration with iPhone 7 Plus. One camera has a wide viewing area (wide), while another purposes for telephoto, and portrait photos with blurred background effects (blur). Sung even dare to claim the blur quality results of Xiaomi Mi A1 tele-camera is comparable to digital camera type DSLR.

From the inside or hardware, Xiaomi Mi A1 is categorized as middle-class specification. The Price of Mi A1 is about 220 usd when it released, this price absolutely may change depend on their latest sales. The price range of Xiaomi Mi A1 categorized as the middle to lower class price. There are three variants Xiaomi Mi A1 provided, namely gold, rose gold, and black. See more specifications below.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Specifications

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